When politics and big business intersect they generally tend to be thrilling due to the innumerous twists involved in it. Mel Gibson starrer “Edge of Darkness” is a crime thriller set in the background of one such intersection. The movie written by William Monahan with the company of Andrew Bovell and directed by Martin Campbell sets the pulse racing for most part of the movie where Gibson investigates the truth behind his daughter’s murder and in the process also discovers the hidden side of her life and he decides its payback time to the perpetrators behind the crime.

Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) a homicide detective for Boston Police department and a single father of Emma Craven (Bojana Novakovic) spends life peacefully until Emma comes home and gets killed in his doorstep. The police initially assume that Thomas was the target and it was unfortunate that Emma had succumbed to her injuries. Thomas not convinced by this decides to dig deep into the killing and what he ends up unearthing is a huge corporate cover-up and government collusion.

Thomas then decides to clean things up and in pursuit of the criminals behind the crime committed he initiates a mission to cleanse the evil elements behind his only daughter’s murder and succeeds in it.

Mel Gibson in the role of an aggrieved  father has displayed mature characteristics in his role and in the scenes where he goes about finding a link to his daughter’s past is note-worthy. Bojana Novakovic as Emma Craven has very limited screen time which she has made optimal use of. The major strength in the movie is the screenplay without which the entire product would have become a cropper.

Director Martin Campbell who had given racy entertainers in the past like Casino Royale, Legend of Zorro and Vertical Limit to name a few has once again lived up to the expectations. However, the missing link in the entire movie is the weak storyline which could have been given more emphasis.

“Edge of Darkness” nevertheless ends up as an interesting crime thriller.

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