As a viewer if you had liked Die Hard type of movies you are sure to love this Eagle Eye. As the name suggests the plot of the movie is similar to that of an Eagle’s Eye where in the movie the lead characters are being monitored regularly.”They obey the orders or they die”.

Jerry Shaw ( Shia LaBeouf) is a slacker who works in a xerox shop and lives a typical hand to mouth existence style. One fine day he receives a call on his mobile which happens to be a bad news about his brother.

On returning back to his apartment certain strange things seems to have happened like he suddenly has a cash balance of few lakh dollars and the worst part is his apartment is filled with all guns and explosive materials.

On the other hand Rachel Holloman ( Michelle Monaghan) is a single mom who gets ready to send her son for an overnight musical trip. Once she drops him off in the railway station she goes to a pub to have a drink.

Soon these two strangers get connected to each other by an unidentified female caller who entangles them in a web failing to adhere will result in dire consequences. Jerry and Rachel are then sent into a leather hunt controlled by the female voice. On instances when jerry fails to adhere to the voice there are certain happenings that takes place which puts their lives in danger and he is immediately forced to obey the orders.

When both Jerry and Rachel blindly follow the orders not knowing the motive behind the female who gives them orders they are in for a big shock when they come to know the real person behind this operation and the motive behind it.

What could have been the motive and who has been controlling them has been revealed in the rest of the movie. Eagle Eye is nothing new in terms of story or idea and probably it has borrowed them from a few superior movies.

Director D.J.Caruso (Disturbia Fame) has come up with a movie which is just right to have a nice time at the theatres. Music by Brian Tyler suits the mood of the movie. Editing by Jim Page is crisp to keep the pulse of the movie on track.

A wholesome movie for the masses which could have been better.

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