Don 2 Movie Review

The sequel to the 2006 blockbuster “DON” is more action oriented and moves at a steady pace throughout. If the first part was all about establishing Don’s supremacy on the underworld, the second installment in the “DON” series is all about displaying the supremacy and class of him at work. Shah Rukh Khan who played the title role in the first part plays the same in the sequel also. Farhan Akthar who had directed the first installment brilliantly has reappraised the same with good effect this time also.

The movie transvers the viewers to the exotic foreign locales of Thailand, Malaysia, France and Germany thanks to the sublime cinematography work by Jason West. The introduction scene of SRK itself sets the perfect pulse for the reminder of the film. The background score by Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy further gives the film a boost which scores well in the overall scheme of things.

Don (Shah Rukh Khan) begins the story from where he left the first installment. This time around he is more keen on acquiring the pinnacle amongst European Dons. To set things rolling his way, Don meticulously plans a bank robbery in Zurich which would make him a rich guy. What does Don plan to rob and who are the partners in crime this time around.

Does Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Malik (Om Puri), the police officers succeed to catch Don alive? Answers for all this is in the movie which has a running time of 135 minutes. The movie is sure to make good business at the box-office considering the enormous pull SRK has on his viewers.

Lara Dutta effectively plays the role of Ayesha which was essayed by Isha Koppikar in the first installment. Kunal Kohli as Sameer has done his part extremely well. Boman Irani as Vardhan and Nawab Shah as Jabar play the perfect villains in the film. The cameo by Hrithik Roshan is quite interesting to watch.

Shah Rukh Khan has once again proved to the viewers that he is indeed the Badshah of bollywood when comes to acting. SRK manages to carry the style and enigma throughout the film. Priyanka Chopra though doesn’t have a challenging role to play, has done agood job.The most important factor in the film though is that there aren’t much songs that disturbs the flow of the movie. There is one song in the beginning and the next one in the end credits.

Farhan Akthar though has done a start to finish action packed thriller, a better screenplay would have made this film an absolute treat for the viewers.

“Don 2” marches ahead successfully in the quest to start “Don 3”.


Downloading Don 2 Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Don 2 movie in rapidshare, Don 2 movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Don 2 Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Don 2 Movie crew : Director Farhan Akthar, Don 2 actor Shah Rukh Khan and Don 2 actress Priyanka Chopra has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Don 2.


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Don 2 Movie Review, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


  1. msb 29 December, 2011 at 02:56 Reply

    movie is good watchable and above average but due to hype i felt disappoint with the movie and could have been better

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  2. DILAWAR KHALIL GADKARI 31 December, 2011 at 10:21 Reply

    nice movie shahrukh khan (king khan ) ne acha kam kiya hai, last ki stori achi hai

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  3. kajol 1 January, 2012 at 22:53 Reply

    don 2 is superb block buster king is king
    sallu khan ko pap stories hie nahi milrahe hia south se hit fimls to bheek mang kar directors se kahrdikar fims banarah hai ye kunse bat hue hit huae so film ko lekar hit karna kaunse batu hui asli mard haito naye story se hit marna 2000 to 2009 tak sare salman fimls super flop dabang super hit hue naye story thee bakhee hits body guard ready sab south films hai

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