The film begins on a documentary style with interviews of the characters that explains the situation to the viewer. The makers have made a sincere attempt to build the mood of the story very gradually as they wanted to have a sci-fi movie that stands out from the masses.

The plot is that an UFO has been hovering over the city of Johannesburg in South Africa for few months and humans wait for any signals from the ship only to arrive at a decision to break the ship open to find out the presence of severely malnourished millions of aliens who are stuck as their master had disappeared or fallen off from the ship. The humans are interested in these aliens as they have a large collection of alien weapons.

These Aliens are then brought down from the ship and are made to live in a slum like area called District 9 for over 20 years and they are nicknamed as Prawns. Humans worried about the increasing presence of these prawns in the city wants to move them to a place 240 kms out of the city.

Patience over the situation runs out and the control of the aliens are given to a Multi-National United (MNU) a private company which cares a damn about the welfare of the aliens and their main objective is to re-locate all occupants of District 9 to District 10.

An MNU official Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is given the responsibility of moving close to 1.8 million aliens. During the evacuation drive he comes across a liquid like material in a device which accidentally gets sprayed on to his face which begins all trouble for Wikus.

A rapid transformation in Wikus begins to occur and he after breaking down in a party gets admitted to a hospital where doctors discovers that his arm has transformed to a claw like object much similar to that of an Alien. Wikus then is taken into custody and all DNA tests are taken to find out that he can operate the alien weapons.

Wikus then overpowers his captors and seeks refuge in District 9 which has been well conceptualized and executed well on screen. The makers have thought about a logical situation which might occur in these circumstances.

The aliens design is borrowed from many predecessors of this genre but the main advantage of this movie over the others is the style of filming and at the same time the concept of aliens conversing with humans which happens to be a refreshing change from the ordinary. Wikus in the end does not get captured but his fate remains unknown as he might have also moved along with the 1.8 million aliens to district 10.

The movie needs special appreciation for the plot and also for the effort that the crew had put in to come out with a product worthy of viewing.

“District 9” is a bold attempt in a Sci-fiction genre.

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