dhuruvangal-pathinaaruIt is no mean feat for a 22-year-old to direct his debut feature film with a seasoned actor like Rahman as the lead, and for this achievement Karthick Naren needs to be appreciated for his efforts. “Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru” (D-16) is a product from one of the budding crop of young film makers who are not afraid to experiment on the big stage. With a running time of 105 minutes and sans any songs it augurs well for an interesting expectation being set on the film.

The main story-line revolves around a murder mystery and the screenplay dissects on the possible list of culprits who might have committed the heinous crime. Karthick Naren begins on a very good note especially the first few minutes into the film, it sets the expectation of a thrilling murder mystery to follow. The expectation holds good for most part of the film but the moment where Karthick Naren (who has also written the film) slips is at a crucial juncture being the build-up to the climax. The climax somehow falls flat compared to what was on display till that point.

The screenplay looks convincing but the execution doesn’t fit exactly as it should have been to make this film a hit at the box-office. The final few mins of the film literally thrashes any scope this film would have had to make it shine at the all-important stage.

Karthick Naren by virtue of this film would definitely grab another chance at direction and hopefully in that venture he puts in the extra effort into the screenplay so that he doesn’t waste his talent as a promising film maker. The characterization could have been a bit different and the constable character reminds so much of Yuhi Sethu’s role in “Ramanaa” which should have been avoided.

In terms of acting, it is a one-man show and its Rahman all the way from start to finish. Though the role doesn’t demand him to experiment from the ordinary run-of-the-mill acting, it still requires a commitment to the role and Rahman scores full points on that front. Other cast and technical crew members have put forward their best foot which is evident.

Barring the ordinary climax and few mannerisms copied from previous hit films, this “Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru” manages to sustain the interest of a murder mystery for most part. It would have been good if the ending was unlikely the run-of-the-mill stuff which would have awed the viewer.

Overall, this D-16 just qualifies as a one time watch thriller.

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