Actor Prakash Raj’s directorial debut “Dhoni” is a brilliant attempt made in Tamil cinema. The movie might be a re-make of the Marathi film “Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho” but full credit has to be given to the versatile actor for his portrayal of a struggling middle class single father. Music by Ilayaraja has given another strong feel for the already sentimental and emotional film.

Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) is a lower middle class widower who works very hard to bring up his two kids Karthik (Aakash) and Kaveri (Sriteja). Subramaniam’s wish is to give his two kids the best education available. Kaveri has no issues with her education as she happens to be a bright student while for Karthik studies seems to be a definite non-starter and his interest is full on only cricket and nothing else. He idolises cricketer Dhoni and wants to be as successful as his idol.

Things turn to take a complete different turn when Subramaniam is pulled up at Karthik’s school for his son’s poor performance in studies. Bullied by the teachers, Subramaniam decides to play the tough cop with his son and in an instance he accidentally causes a life threatening accident to Karthik.

What happens to Subramaniam and Karthik after that forms the rest of the film which is portrayed as realistic as possible. Kudos to Prakash Raj who has written the screenplay which has the perfect ingredients of a very touching film. The movie dealing with a sensitive subject is entertaining and for the meaningful audience this “Dhoni” is worth the watch.

Radhika Apte comes in an important role as the next door neighbour of Prakash Raj and she in certain scenes has displayed her capabilities to perfection. Prakash Raj is undoubtedly the class in this film as he has got into the skin of the character with perfection. Aakash who is the son of director Puri Jagannath is average in terms of acting.

Brahmananda comes in a miniscule comic role while Nasser as the cricket coach too has very limited scope to perform. In the Music department, if it was not Ilayaraja then this movie wouldn’t have had the desired impact it has finally achieved.

The movie is a bi-lingual in Tamil and Telugu and has a running time of 135 minutes. Prakash Raj in his directorial debut is going to be a happy man as he also happens to be the producer of this film which is sure to do well at the box-office.

This “Dhoni” is a flamboyant entertainer.


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