“Despicable Me” is a movie which is funny and entertaining from start to finish. The movie begins with a discovery that a heist has happened in Egypt and as a result of the same the Pyramid of Giza goes missing which startles everyone. When the whole world is curious on who could be the person behind this heinous crime and where would he strike next, the main plot in the film unfolds.

Gru (Voice of Steve Carell) is introduced as an evil super-villain, who yearns for the status of world’s greatest villain. To achieve the same he spends years at the most unusual of places (basement of his mom’s house) where he has created his own army in the form of “minions” and to assist him in the operation he has with him Dr. Nefario (Voice of Russell Brand).

When the entire crime world thinks he has the pyramid, a new and even smarter super-villain jumps on the scene named Vector (Jason Segel) who has the most sophisticated gadgets to assist him in his crimes. Perturbed by this Gru decides to do something extra-ordinary and as a result plans to steal the moon!

Vector has a shrinking machine which will shrink any object to much smaller size and Gru needs that badly to steal the moon. Gru then comes across three orphaned girls in Margo (Voice of Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Voice of Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Voice of Elsie Fisher) who sell cookies and they get easy access to Vector’s fort to deliver the same.

Gru adopts these girls in order to access the shrinking machine and when things seems to be going fine and working as per plan for the big heist, Gru gets distracted by the love and affection these girls shower on him. The girls bring in a lot of change on him which slowly make him a better human being. In the end in the battle between Gru and Vector who wins what is all about in this “Despicable Me”.

The important and striking aspect in this movie is the way the characters has been visualized and each one of them hold his / her own forte. The comic element in the movie is present throughout and the writers of the movie Sergio Pablos (Story) and Ken Daurio (Screenplay) have done a fabulous job in their respective departments.

Directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud have made sure that this “Despicable Me” shaped up in the way how everyone wanted it to be. Animation major PIXAR has come up with another feather in their cap for making a movie that brushes on both the comic side as well as the emotional side of the main character Gru. All artistes who have lend their voice for various characters have done a wonderful job and the animation coupled with 3D technology just bowls the viewers over.

“Despicable Me” ends up being an enjoyable ride for the entire family.

Watch the Trailer of “Despicable Me”:

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