Despicable Me 2In 2010 the first installment of Despicable Me was a pleasant surprise to its viewers in terms of its characters, a different line of imagination and so on. However, after a gap of 3 years when the film company decides to make a sequel, looks like they had run out of ideas. In the end, what the viewers are thrown at is a uninspiring ordinary storyline. The animation part seems to maintain its status quo of being top notch.

Super-villain in the first installment Gru (Voice of Steve Carell) decides to lead a normal life but as things would have it, there seems to be an unidentified monstrous villain who has done something that would badly impact mankind. Gru called to investigate the case is accompanied by Lucie (Voice of Kristen Wiig) and they both on an undercover assignment get into all sorts of trouble before the villain gets the justice (which is predictable).

The unpredictable part is the love angle between Gru and Lucie. The other interesting features that made it to the Part 1 of this movie series gets retained in this part also like the minions, fart gun and so on. Despicable Me 2 which has a running time of 95 minutes turns out to be a decent entertainer for the entire family but on the flip side, one doesn’t see anything extraordinary in the story nor in its treatment.

The storyline of Despicable Me 2 seems to be inspired from many superhero films and as the film nears its climax the turn of events gets more ordinary than extraordinary which turns out to be a huge let down. Do not miss the end credits, it gives its viewers a good 3D experience.

“Despicable Me 2” turns out to be a sequel that is less inspiring and entertaining compared to its predecessor.

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