After “Rang De Basanti” its director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra was expected to come up with a movie that was more interesting and revolutionary. “Delhi 6” is a revolutionary movie with an important message for every human being, but on the whole there is nothing much interesting in this latest flick which was one of the most awaited movies of the year and even with its terrific star cast it fails to re-create the same magic which “Rang De Basanti” did a few years ago. Even Abhishek’s style and Sonam Kapoor’s elegance fails to save this movie.

Roshan Mehra (Abhishek Bachchan) decides to bring his granny (Waheeda Rahman) from America to Delhi as she wants to spend her last days in Delhi 6 area. Roshan is amazed by Delhi right from the crowded streets to the jalebees that are being sold in the streets.

Delhi 6 area is being terrorized by the presence of a monkey man “Kaala bandar” who creates sensational news for the media and some people even claiming him to be invisible. The sensational monkey man also push some innocent individuals to death.

The director who had decided to bring in this monkey man character to put across a social message strongly to the audience. Though the concept might have been interesting to visualize but on screen there is nothing great about this whole idea.

Bittu (Sonam Kapoor) who is an ordinary middle class girl who wants to become a “somebody from nobody” by participating in the famous Indian Idol show. Bittu is one character which has been well characterized in the movie and to be very honest Sonam Kapoor would have been happy to have this as her debut film than the disaster “Saawariya”.

Sonam kapoor essays the role given to her with ease and with a definitive style for herself which is very good to see happening to her in the second movie of her career. Whether its a comic scene or in the emotional scene when she revolts with her parents for their plans of getting her married she has proved her mettle to the audience. She has enjoyed the role and especially she is at her best in the “masakali” song.

When all seems to be going fine trouble starts when the united hindus and muslims start to blame each other for the “monkey man” terror. Friends suddenly turn enemies and all hell break loose. Roshan decides to do something for it and at the same time decides to save his love interest Bittu does an act which lands him in a huge trouble.

A.R.Rahman is fantastic with his musical score but nothing great can be said of the background music. Evergreen Whaeeda Rahman has portrayed her role with ease and the supporting cast which has Divya dutta, Ompuri and not to mention the character of Rishi Kapoor who failed to have the guts to express his love to his sweetheart when they were young.

Delhi 6 could have been made more interesting but when the director wanted to convey a message which had to have an impact on the audience he decided to play safe without mixing too much commercial elements into it.

“Delhi 6” watchable in parts but disappoints on the whole.



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