Actor Vikram seems to have a panache of selecting challenging roles to essay. “Deiva Thirumagal” which is his latest release has him playing an autistic individual whose IQ is only that of a six year old. The striking aspect of the film is not to a great extent its story or the screenplay but the exemplary acting of Vikram and Baby Sara. Both the actors have shown their acting talent throughout the film and in certain heart-rendering scenes which impacts the viewers emotionally.

Krishna (Vikram) is father of Nila (Baby Sara) and is forced to bring her up all by himself as his wife dies during the delivery. Krishna makes his living working in a chocolate factory. Nila grows up to be a smart girl and when she joins school things take a different turn for both father and daughter. Amala Paul after her striking performances in “Sindhu Samaveli” and “Mynaa” has essayed a more urban centric role in the character of Swetha the school correspondent.

Vikram then loses Nila’s custody and he roams around the chennai streets searching for her where he comes across Anuradha (Anushka) a lawyer and her assistant Vinod (Santhanam). Initially treating this as a nonsense case Anuradha ignores Krishna’s plea to have Nila back but when things turn out to be different than what she thought, she tries to help him get Nila back. In the end does Krishna get Nila back or not is anyone’s guess but what happens after that is something not easily guessable.

Nasser in the character of Bashyam the opponent lawyer looks too off-track for the role since his actions hardly compliment the character’s stature. Sachin Khedkar as Nila’s grandfather looks good for the role. Santhanam and M S Bhaskar provide the comedy track for the film. Director Vijay though takes the credit for the story and screenplay, its a known fact that “Deiva Thirumagal” is Kollywood’s version of “I am Sam” and “ Main Aisa Hi Hoon”.

Music by G V Prakash Kumar is worthy of mention especially the songs that are already chartbusters and the background score compliments the feel of the film perfectly. Cinematography by Nirav Shah provides the required gloss to the film while editing by Antony is a huge  let down as there are scenes that are dragging and unnecessary to the main plot. Vizhigalil song is a mis-fit in the film.

The movie has a running time of 170 minutes and is a bit long though the emotional angle of the film does carry it through. Screenplay could have been better considering the fact that there were two films already made and it served as a reference point for the film. This film might be a dicey proposition at the box-office considering the pace at which it moves on.

Vikram and Baby Sara’s acting as mentioned earlier is of top class. Anushka in a off-glamorous role carries it off well while Amala Paul hasn’t got anything significant to essay in the role and limited screen time given to her. Karthik Kumar plays a guest role as Amala Paul’s fiancee.

“Deiva Thirumagal” though emotionally captivating, falls short of expectations.

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