Metro Golden Mayer’s “Dead Like Me” is a movie based on the concept that a suffering soul will be relieved of his/her life by the reapers. Though the concept is unnatural the way the movie has been made is pretty ordinary and not to mention the graphics where the demons appear to make the final blow to the parting soul.

The movie begins with the theory of evolution of death and a pretty imaginative theory one should say and a self-narrative of the reapers and their role in helping the suffering soul part with their lives.

After the departure of Rube Sofer, a new head reaper named Cameron Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) takes over. He’s a slick businessman who couldn’t care less about helping the newly dead. He heads the reaper group in a hi-tech way by messaging them on their mobiles on the details of their next reap.

George Lass (Ellen Muth) who as a part of the group fails to reap as per the instructions given by the head reaper. Daisy Adair (Sarah Wynter) who died during a film set mishap and Mason (Callum Blue) who died drilling a hole in his head have their new found luxury of reaper into their stride and enjoy with drinks and sex.

When George misses her reap she gets concerned and runs back to her group who take it easy as they enjoy the lavish lifestyle. Roxy Harver (Jasmine Guy) as a police cop and part of the group initially gets frustrated that she does not get her quota of reap and later she too decides to enjoy things till they are available.

Roxy also disobeys her orders and lot of times make sure that the soul does not depart from the to be dead individuals which though successful in the beginning but later boomerangs with a bad effect.

George then get to meet her alive sister Reggie Lass (Britt McKillip) during a reap operation and to her shock she is in love with the person who is to die. George then goes through a mental trauma of whether she should go ahead with her operation or not. George and Reggie re-connect as George who was very rude during her human days decides to help reggie and takes her through the journey of life.

The group frustrated of getting orders from their head reaper decides to dispose him and lead their life of their own.How they dispose him and what happens later is this “Dead Like Me : Life After Death” all about.

A movie definitely not for the serious movie viewers but for those who have time to kill it is a watchable one.

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