dabangg2“Dabangg” took Bollywood by storm in 2010 when it surpassed expectations and Box-office collections. Buoyed by this phenomenal success, its producer Arbaaz Khan announced that a sequel would be made without him mentioning the dates. Later when “Dabangg 2” was decided to be made, its first setback came in the form of director Abhinav Kashyap opted out of making the sequel. Arbaaz Khan then jumped in to take the mantle of director and finally Dabangg 2 started to roll by March 2012.

In terms of the characters, Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha reprise the role which they did in the prequel. Prakash Raj mantles the main villain role in the character of Batcha Bhai. In Dabangg it was Laalgunj where the action took place while in its sequel its Kanpur where all the action unfolds.

In terms of storyline, there is absolutely nothing new that is told in the sequel compared to its prequel. The main villain is an aspiring political candidate and is a goon in his own way and when he crosses paths with Chulbul Pandey commotion erupts and finally as everyone knows no one wins over Chulbul Pandey and the villain must die.

In terms of acting, one gets a feeling that in the gloss of the brand “Dabangg”, director-producer Arbaaz Khan hasn’t concentrated on special performances from its actors. Having said that Salman Khan steals the show with his screen presence but nothing significantly different from his previous films. Malaika Arora does a mini special appearance in a song. And for this film, it’s a tired Kareena clad in item number cothing shaking her hip for “Fevicol Se”.

Overall, this sequel is nothing new or different from its prequel and as a viewer if one is content with watching Salman doing the stunts and for some time pass without anything to think about then this film is watchable, otherwise this film would be a dampener for those who intend to watch and out and out entertainer.

With a running time of 120 minutes, “Dabangg 2” might recover its production cost at the Box-office. But to the question if it will recreate the magic of “Dabangg” in terms of collection, the answer is a definite no.

“Dabangg 2” – Old material in a new wrapper.

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