A movie with Bruce Willis in the lead and produced by Warner Bros generates a lot of interest from the word go. Unfortunately in this “Cop Out” the interest generated by the big names involved in it vanishes within minutes into the movie. The film belongs to a cross genre of comedy and crime. The package looks fine to a certain extent but when the same sequences get replicated over the course of the story it just gets on to the nerves of the viewers. In short this Cop Out just turns out being a dragging entertainer.

The movie begins with the introduction of veteran NYPD cop Jimmy (Bruce Willis) and his partner Paul (Tracy Morgan) who are partners at work for nine years. When they try busting a drug trafficking unit they get it all wrong and as a result get suspended from work for a month. Jimmy who has his daughter’s wedding shortly gets upset on it and decides to trade an authentic baseball card at an auction house which would fetch him lot of money.

The card gets stolen by some petty thieves and when Jimmy catches up on their trial he lands up against the biggest drug dealer of the country in Raul (Juan Carlos). Raul trades the card for a deal with the two men and when the two men set off in pursuit of their target they get an unexpected twist in the tale which gets sorted out and whether Jimmy gets back the baseball card or not is told in the final minutes of the movie.

Paul on the other hand though helps Jimmy is very caring for his wife and when he suspects her of infidelity the continuing sequences are just too funny that as a viewer one can’t stop laughing. The other attraction in the movie is the first interrogation scene where Paul enacts the dialogues from various movies he has seen before which is top class stuff.

The movie written by Robb Cullen and Mark Cullen is directed by Kevin Smith. The major negative aspect of the film is the pace at which the screenplay moves towards the climax. If the director had spent some time on understanding the script better this movie would have gained certain momentum.

“Cop Out” is just mediocre under any standards.

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