“Convicton” is based on a real-life incident about how Betty Anne Waters a high school drop-out spent her entire life putting herself through law school to plead a murder case against her brother Kenneth Waters. Kenneth Waters gets arrested in 1983 for a murder of Katarina Brow that took place in 1980 and it is a crime he did not commit. In 1980 they arrest him and let him off for lack of evidence. But this time around a vindictive police officer makes sure that Kenneth Waters does not escape the clutches of law. Conviction is about the story of how Betty Anne goes through the grueling time of her life in proving her brother’s innocence.

An interesting aspect of the film is that it moves into flashback mode now and then first for establishing the bond between the brother and sister and later for recreating few scenes that are imperative to the case. The good thing about “Conviction” is that the movie sticks to the basics and has not experimented for the sake of on-screen adaptation.

Hilary Swank plays the role of Betty Anne Waters while Sam Rockwell plays Kenneth Waters and to be true both the actors have performed exceedingly well with a matured display of acting. It takes a great deal of effort and conviction to bring out a film without disturbing the essence of the case and director Tony Goldwyn has handled the ship quite steadily. The movie has a running time of 107 minutes.

The real sufferings and pain Betty Anne Waters underwent to get her brother released brings tears to the eyes and in places where she jumps in joy when she gets a lead in the case is all worth watching. Cases of this nature is rare being re-tried in the court of law and this one being an exception thanks to the will power of Betty Anne, the advent of technology has to be thanked as it has played a major role to crack this case.

The movie though is predictable and it doesn’t change a bit from what the viewers thinks would happen, it moves at a steady pace void of any unnecessary distractions and it is this aspects that gets appreciated by the viewers and is a major factor for the success of the film.

On the real-life front though Kenneth Waters was freed from Jail after 18 years, he did not enjoy his freedom for long. 6 months after his release, Kenneth Waters had a fatal fall from a 15-foot high wall which fractured his skull on September 6, 2001 while he was trying to take a shortcut to his brother’s house after having dinner with his mother. Life is always unpredictable.

“Conviction” predictable but worth watching.

Watch the Trailer of “Conviction”:

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