“City of Ember” is a movie for those who enjoy the fantasy or the sci-fiction type movies but for others this would be an unmeaningful film. The movie begins on a note where the human race is on the verge of extinction and all the wise men in the society decide to build an underground town which is designed to last for 200 years. The town has got all glittering lights which is powered by a generator. When the designated 200 years arrive the generator breaks down and all sort of problems crop up in this sci-fiction movie.

The city is experiencing tough times where its Mayor Cole (Bill Murray) is unable to give answers. But during such time the teenagers of the city gear up for their future in ember by virtue of assignment day where they will have to choose their future career plan.

In the community Doon Harrow (Harry Treadway) and Lina Mayfleet (Saoirse Ronan) exchange their duties as the original choice was not much to their likings. Lina then discovers a box in her house which has the secret of bring ember out of the darkness to betterment. But the corrupt politicians of the city are hell bent on not bringing any change to the present situation.

Doon and Lina who do not want to give up try their best amidst their work schedule as they feel that there is something more nice waiting to be discovered. Doon with the help of his father (Tim RObbins) and his co-worker Sul (Martin Landau) he reaches the damaged and crumbling energy source of ember.

Lina and Doon de-code the contents on the box that was first prepared when ember was built but on their pursuit to find a better tomorrow for ember, Doon and Lina face lot of hurdles that arises one after another.

Do they get over the hurdles and get to find a brighter future for ember is the rest of the movie. Director Gil Kenan (Monster House) has come up with a movie which is just right to keep the flow of the story sailing smooth. However the screenplay by Caroline Thompson could have been better.

On the whole a movie for the fun-loving individuals who come to watch this one without much expectations.

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