cinderella-3dFairy tales are best enjoyed when they are told or shown in the most absorbing manner. The story of Cinderella is known by one & all and when director Pascal Herold decided to present it as an animated film, its assumed that there would be no dearth of fun and entertainment. However, in reality this 3D animated version of Cinderella bites more dust than it would have ever thought in its wildest of dreams.

It is without doubt the film hardly carries depth in its animation without sharper colors or detail. Added to it, the characterization or best said the visualization of the main characters seemed to be without thought. The main character Cinderella looks neither a dog nor a goat. To complicate things, this film in 3D is mainly targeted to the grown-ups who are keen on animation but in reality the grown-ups who love animation films feel that they have been taken on a royal ride by the film makers.

The film made on the lines of “Rango” coupled with a screenplay that hardly evokes any interest, it is sure curtains for this Cinderella 3D. With a running time of  80 minutes, it is a disaster at the box-office.

“Cinderella 3D” is an utter waste of time and money.

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