Director Robert Zemeckis after his successful “Polar Express (2004)” and “Beowulf (2006)” has taken his crush with 3D technology to the next level with a neat presentation of what greed can bring to a man in “A Christmas Carol”. The classic novel written by Charles Dickens has been adapted well on screen and this adaptation is quite different from the previous attempts made by our filmmakers. In fact this is a big budget animation tale which utilizes all available technology to the optimum level possible and the final product is a visual treat to watch.

Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey) a miserly old money lender holds everything back that would bring out the joy of Christmas right from not visiting his nephew Fred (Voice of Colin Firth) to forcefully make his employee Bob (Voice of Gary Oldman) beg for a day off on Christmas day. That night Scrooge gets haunted by the spirit of his former business partner who died seven years ago on Christmas eve warning him that being a miser will bring in more sufferings.

On that night Scrooge is visited by three spirits each one showing him how happy people are around him and also how his faithful employee Bob manages to celebrate Christmas with his ailing son Tiny Tim (Voice of Gary Oldman) who is counting his days as Bob is unable to give proper treatment due to the fact that he is being poorly paid. The second spirit shows his nephew Fred making fun of him at the dinner party wherein his employee Bob is saddened with the demise of his son Tiny Tim which makes Scrooge beg for a second chance from the spirit to change things.

The third spirit takes Scrooge to a grave which incidentally happens to be his own grave and it also pushes Scrooge deep into hell. When Scrooge falls into hell he wakes up in his bed the next morning where the spirits have taken him through the journey of how his past life has affected individuals around him and also how his future will be if he continues in the same way.

Scrooge then transforms himself into a new leaf and he changes everything possible from his end right from attending Fred’s dinner party followed by giving a heavy pay rise to Bob to making Tiny Tim live and leading a happy life thereafter.

The real star of the movie happens to be Jim Carrey who essays the role of seven characters with ease. Robert Zemeckis with technology and the grandeur of a big budget animation flick to his help makes use of it to the maximum.

“A Christmas Carol” ends up being a classic adaptation of Charles Dickens novel.

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