Chinna-veeduK.Bhagyaraj who in his hay days had finesse in handling subjects that were out of the ordinary and most of films were with subjects that had a sexual flavour to it. Chinna Veedu (House of the Concubine) is one such film which in spite of its content was well made. The film released in 1985 and it is considered to be amongst one of Bhagayaraj’s best written screenplay. The film stars Bhagyaraj in the lead role along with Kalpana and Anu as female leads.

Madhanagopal (Bhagayaraj) is a bachelor who dreams big about his future wife, fate would have it his marriage is fixed by his parents without his consent to Bhagyalakshmi (Kalpana) who is short and fat and no way near Madhanagaopal’s dream girl image. As an unsatisfied husband in marriage, he constantly ignores her and adding more salt to the wound ridicules her at every possible moment. Bhagyalakshmi on the other hand is full of love and affection for her husband.

Bhagyalakshmi then decides to be bold and asks her husband to have a concubine. Madhan who first denies then happens to meet Bhanu (Anu) and then falls for her beauty and sexual companion she provides. When things seem to be going smoothly, the twist in the tale comes where Madhan realises there is nothing called as “free meal” and he pays the price for it.

What is the price he pays, what happens in the end who actually is Bhanu and what fate beckons Bhagyalakshmi is all about in this film which runs for 143 minutes. The main attraction of the film is its screenplay and witty dialogues. The pace of the film is uniform throughout and the scenes in which one track goes hand in hand with the other is dealt with ease.

In terms of acting, all three lead actors have put in more than a decent performance. Bhagyaraj in the scene where he first sees Bhanu and the reaction he displays are so natural and there are so many scenes that proves his acting talent. Kalpana as the girl with an inferiority complex plays her role to perfection. Anu as a concubine brings in the necessary glamour to the role.

The film in its ranks has more stalwarts than one. It has Livingston, R Parthiban and other names who made it big in tinsel world in the forthcoming years. Ilayaraja weaves his magic in this film as he did with so many films during his peak which lasted for decades.

For viewers of age groups who are permitted to watch this film (thanks to its content)this film is a class apart at the time of making and even in present day there is hardly a film that has a clear story and screenplay without much fuss. The comedy track can be watched again and again numerous times and still would be fun. Kovai Sarala, KK Soundhar, Chakri Toleti and Jaiganesh play pivotal roles.

“Chinna Veedu” watchable for the fun, message and entertainment it provides.

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