“Chikku Bukku” comes as a whiff of fresh air amongst the recent releases as this film is a plain vanilla love story. The narration is so crisp for most part of the movie that there is hardly any place in the film that is boring. Though the movie movies between two generations / time period, the pace at which the storyline unfolds is pretty good. The ending however could have been different as it kind of spoils the entire show and also its a filmy type ending which has been witnessed in numerous movies before.

The movie begins in the year 1985 at Karaikudi and as titles roll-over, it shifts to 2010 at London. In London Arjun (Arya) a DJ is good at ogling at girls which sometimes backfires. In the same city lives Anu (Shriya Saran) who is doing her graduation. Circumstances back in India compel these two to visit India for a short duration.

Arjun and Anu meet each other on their journey from Bangalore to Madurai and it is in this journey that Arjun gets to know about his dad Sekar’s (Arya) life. As he flips through the diary pages of his dad, the viewers also get transported to 1985 where Sekar gets to meet Thirupura Sundari Azhagu Meenal (Preethika) and falls in love at first sight and there are lot of sequences that indicates how they fall deeply in love with each other.

As a twist in the tale for the 1985 period love story, Meenal has a relative Ammaiappan (Anup Kumar) who loves Meenal from a very young age. Incidentally Amaiappan and Sekar are good friends at he police training academy where the two undergo training.

Simultaneously, cut to present time where Arjun and Anu overcome lot of obstacles to reach their destination and in the midst of everything a small liking develops between the two which blossoms into love. From hereon, director Manikandan (who assisted late director Jeeva) has done a wonderful job where he maintains a fine balance between the two love stories. In the end whether Arjun and Anu’s purpose of visiting India get solved or not and what happens to their love story is told in the remaining part of this “Chikku Bukku”.

In terms of acting, each actor has gelled beautifully with their characters. Arya in dual role has given a matured performance. Shriya Saran looks good in the movie and she has also excelled in her role. Preethika is good but there is lot of scope for improvement in her acting. Anup Kumar also needs to improve on the nuances of his acting.

Editing by V T Vijayan is crisp for most part except near the ending where one gets a feeler that the movie is starting to drag. Music by Colonial cousins Hari-Lesley along with Pravin Mani fits the bill. Director Manikandan has made a film which is a feel-good romantic entertainer. The movie has a running time of 145 minutes.

“Chikku Bukku” chugs along well.

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