When the “UK Film Council” funds a film it is bound to be something meaningful. However, Cherry Tree Lane bucks that trend as the makers had intended to showcase something else but ended up showcasing something that is absolutely meaningless and boring. The plot is a serious one which has been marred by some poor screenplay and its execution is below par. The movie tries to touch upon too many things but in the end result is the focus has completely gone for a toss.

The plot as mentioned earlier is about how a group of thugs barge into an urban middle-class household and have them at tender hooks as they go about in settling scores with their son who is into drugs and betting. The poor parents go though all possible trauma that one can imagine including the mother getting sexually assaulted by one thug. This might be one reason why the film was awarded funding by the UK Film council as it shows how the present generation children are caught in drugs and betting.

The movie does have a cinematic ending but not before maximum damage is inflicted on the inmates of the house. The pace of the movie however is too slow that after a point of time it gets too boring that as a viewer one wonders if the time spent on watching this movie could have been spent on something more meaningful.

The movie is shot on a shoe-string budget as the entire story happens inside a middle-class house and the crew has not stepped outside even for a single shot thereby canning the entire sequence of events in the comfort of the studio itself. The actors are unconvincing in their roles as the palpable tension that is normally associated in such situations is seemingly absent in their facial expressions.

The trailer of the movie does raise the expectations on the film but the reality is that the movie is a boring dud. The movie is out in theatres as well as DVD and to be honest the movie is not worth the watch even on DVD. Director Paul Andrew Williams who is also in charge of the screenplay needs to put in more effort to make his films appeal to his target audience. The movie has a running time of 70 minutes.

The cast includes Rachael Blake, Tom Butcher, Jumayn Hunter, Ashley Chin, Sonny Muslim, Jennie Jacques, Corinne Douglas, Kieran Dooner and Tom Kane.

“Cherry Tree Lane” is as boring as it can get.

Watch the Trailer of “Cherry Tree Lane”:

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