Chennai Express FilmThe “Baadshah” of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan knows what works best for him and his audience and most of the time he is bang on with his prediction. His latest release which is also co-produced by him titled “Chennai Express” is a film that will entertain the masses in full swing. There is comedy in abundance, romance in right quantity and action as its perfect topping. Rohit Shetty known for making big budget masala movies has once again stamped his shtyle in this “Chennai Express”.

Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) is a man in his 40’s wanting to live a life on his own terms after the demise of his 99 year old grandfather. His grandfather and grandmother had brought him up after his parents died in a car crash when he was 8. His grandmother wanted Rahul to immerse his grandfather’s ashes in Rameswaram. Rahul on the other hand had planned a naughty trip to Goa with his friends.

Faking to go to Rameswaram, Rahul boards the Chennai express. Life takes a U-turn for him when he decides to get off the moving train when he finds a girl running in the platform to board the train and when he helps her to get in the train, his life changes upside down. There is Meena Lochini Azhagu Sundaram a.k.a Meenamma (Deepika Padukone) daughter of Durgeshwara Azhaghu Sundaram (Sathyaraj) a Don of Komban village in Tamil Nadu.

Witness to the atrocities of Durgesh’s men in the train, Rahul is forced to visit Komban village by the goons who had chased Meenamma. In Komban village he crosses path with Thangaballi (Niktin Dheer) who wants to have Meenamma’s hand in marriage against her will. What happens to Rahul in Komban Village and what is level of chemistry that blossoms between Rahul and Meenamma is depicted in the most hilarious fashion one could ever imagine in this “Chennai Express” which has a running time of 130 minutes.

There are witty one-liners, timely comedy, sentiment and top it all, the action that takes place in Komban village is a treat to watch. On the flip-side, one drawback of the film is that almost 40% of the dialogues are in Tamil which would prove to be an irritant for the Pro-Hindi mindset people. However, Shahrukh who is on a publicity overdrive could win over the hearts of the viewers on this point. An important piece of information is that all the prints of “Chennai Express” have English subtitles for the entire film.

Shahrukh is at his usual best when it comes to acting. Deepika Padukone steals the show and has done an incredibly overwhelming performance as a Tamil girl and this could be her career best till date. Deepika’s rendering of Tamil is not convincing for the character she portrays and Rohit Shetty could have concentrated more on this front. Priyamani has sizzled in the 1-2-3-4 item number with her dance moves. Director Rohit Shetty has in his own style pulled off another mindless comedy film that would entertain the masses.

On the technical front, cinematographer Dudley has done a commendable job capturing the beauty of Panchgani, Munnar and other scenic locales. Editing by Steven Bernard is crisp and Music by Vishal-Shekhar is commendable. The film’s first half is rollicking fun while the second half is laced with more sentiment than comedy.

As a viewer if one has to enjoy this film, then it is best advised not to look for logic and to be more blunt, just go with an open-mind and entertainment is 100% guaranteed.

“Chennai Express” is an absolute comedy, romance cum action entertainer.

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