Director Pon Kumaran seems to have stuck by an inspiration when he had watched “Alone” (2007, Thai Language) and bingo he decided to script it in Tamil. Charulatha’s producers who were also impressed with the storyline decided to buy its official re-make rights. And on the choice of who would play the role of conjoint twins, after lot of thought process zeroed in on Priyamani.

Chaaru-Latha grow up as caring and understanding twins for 20 years until they come across Ravi (Skanda). Ravi in love with Chaaru annoys Latha and she makes sure that the love birds don’t have a field day every time they meet. Latha being part of Chaaru even goes to the extent of preventing her other sister from meeting her love interest.

Things go out of control and when they decide to get separated, Latha unfortunately succumbs in the operation. Unable to bear the loss, Chaaru moves to Srinagar to lead a life with Ravi. 4 Years pass-by and when she is forced to return to her native as her mother (Saranya Ponvannan) is unwell, Latha’s spirit decides to take revenge on her.

What has Latha got against Chaaru that her spirit is very angry and is hell bent on taking revenge? Is there a major twist in the plot in the tale? The answer gets revealed in the film which has a running time of 125 minutes.

The film does have few jerky moments but such moments lack the impact it needs to have. The story though new to Tamil cinema, the screenplay lacks the necessary twists and turns it ought to have in a thriller genre film like this. In terms of acting, Priyamani does a decent job and especially in the climax she does prove her mettle. Other actors have done a decent job but nothing in specific to mention.

Music by Sundar C Babu needs to have more bite to bring in the thriller effect. Donmax’s editing could have been more slick. The glaring part of the entire film is that in many scenes, the lip sync goes missing. The introduction song of Priyamani looks out of place which could have been avoided.

“Charulatha” is sure to bite the dust at box-office due to the lackluster pace and less interesting sequence of events. Director Pon Kumaran who had learnt his trade from K Bhagyaraj and K S Ravikumar should have taken more care in this adaptation.

“Charulatha” – fails to scare.


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