Off-late films that belong to supernatural thriller genre happens to be different and interesting. “Charlie St. Cloud” though belongs to that genre, the lapse in the script and its execution has taken a toll on the final outcome of the product. The storyline isn’t new so are the sequence of events which lets the viewers down badly. It is not necessary that movies need to have a conventional ending always as there are many films that are unconventional both in terms of the treatment and its final ending.

“Charlie St. Cloud” is about a boy (Zac Efron) who has the title name is a hero in sailing competitions at his small seaside town. His proficiency in racing fetches him a scholarship in an Ivy league school. His younger brother Sam St. Cloud (Charlie Tahan) idolizes him and their single mother Claire (Kim Basinger) works double-shifts to keep their life afloat.

Things seem to be sailing smooth when tragedy strikes in the form of a car accident where Sam dies which leaves Charlie shattered. However, Charlie is able to speak to the soul of his dead brother everyday during sunset. Charlie then rejects the scholarship and for the next five years spends time at his hometown rejoicing the time he gets to speak to his brother.

In comes Charlie’s teenage infatuation Tess (Amanda Crew) who attempts to sail round the world from the same town where Charlie lives. Tess’s introduction into Charlie’s life does alter his lifestyle which leads him to being late to play with his dead brother. During her test ride in her sail, Tess vanishes for days which forces Charlie to take stock of the situation and as a result he misses his time with his brother. What happens thereafter and whether is he able to find Tess or get to meet his brother as usual is in the remaining part of the movie.

As mentioned earlier, the drubbing this movie has got is only due to its screenplay. In terms of acting Zac Efron has done a good job. Other actors who form the rest of the cast aren’t simply up to the mark. Director Burr Steers needs to tighten the script in his forthcoming ventures else its fate in the box-office will be similar to this “Charlie St. Cloud”. The movie has a running time of 100 minutes and the pace of the movie is very relaxed which leaves a lot to be desired. The movie has screenplay by Craig Pearce and Lewis Colick. “Charlie St. Cloud” is based on the novel “The death and life of Charlie St. Cloud” by Ben Sherwood.

“Charlie St. Coud” can be watched once on DVD.

Watch the Trailer of “Charlie St. Cloud”:

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