Ken Ghosh directed “Chance Pe Dance” is all about struggles of life along with a soft romantic love story between the two protagonists in the movie. Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) happens to be a struggling Bollywood aspirant and Tina (Genelia D’Souza) an upcoming choreographer. When they both bump into each other accidentally what happens next is in this Chance Pe Dance. Though the story might sound familiar what the viewer expects is something new in the treatment of the script but in the end all that is served is a loosely knit screenplay that defies logic to a great extent and an ending that was very much predictable.

Sameer is portrayed like an ordinary teenager from Delhi who comes to Mumbai to become a star in Bollywood. He can act and at the same time is good at dancing also. Sameer’s talent is spotted by a director and he assures him that he has been selected to play the lead role in his next movie only to find out that he has been dropped from the project within a few days followed by more bad news when he comes to know that his landlord has evicted him from the house for not paying the rent.

But the interesting twist in the tale comes now where Sameer who could not afford to pay his monthly rent but how on earth can he afford to have a car of his own!!! mind baffling indeed. Sameer then starts to live out of his car and also joins as a dance teacher in a school which has been struggling to win competitions. Few scenes later Sameer and his group of children get to win the inter-school dance competition easily.

The film from which Sameer was dropped has its makers scouting for fresh talent via a talent hunt programme and Sameer enrolls for the same and he also gets selected for the role (nothing much on what happens in the auditions are being shown) and after one year Sameer the star is born and the lead pair join together in life.

The film falters majorly in the screenplay which eventually has proved to be the spoiler in all aspects. First of all when a person can afford a car why does he not sell it to find a proper accommodation for himself. The struggle to become and actor is hardly shown and one gets a feeling that its easy to become a star in Bollywood. In a scene Shahid is shown as an individual who has been starving without food but how come a hungry man has the perfect body shape with all perfectly toned muscles…

Shahid Kapoor and Genelia have not accomplished anything major in their roles. It looks like they have donned the role without any conviction. Director Ken Ghosh needs to pull up his socks in his future ventures else his career in Bollywood does not look to go places. Songs ends up being the only saving grace of the film but when everything else is bleak it impact on the whole is very minimal. With questions galore and disappointment post the movie this Chance Pe Dance has become a total failure and will be discarded without any second thought.

Don’t take a chance with this “Chance Pe Dance”.

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