Last year when “Cars 2” was released from the house of Pixar, it was subject to much critical ridicule and it proved to be a major embarrassment for the animation house. This year when they were set to release their next product based on a Scottish fairytale in “Brave”, the studio had to embrace them for a probable backlash of what happened to “Cars 2” and the reason being that this time around the film isn’t as interesting as it should have been and the possible culprit happens to be the lackluster screenplay supporting a weak storyline.

“Brave” could have been the film that made the curtain call on this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival but to term it as a kids entertainer is far-fetched compared to the studio’s previous release like “Cars” which made the children enjoy the film with much enthusiasm.

The story line is pretty simple and predictable where Merida (Voice of Kelly Macdonald) is a young princess of a noble royal family. Merida’s mom Queen Elinor (Voice of Emma Thompson) is keen on grooming Merida as the perfect princess one could become. Merida on the other hands wants to break out of the perfect mould and wants to be an independent person rather than to play second fiddle to her suitor.

To make things easy for her and to make maker her mother change her mind, Merida gets the help of a witch to cast a spell on her mom so that things will be favorable for her. Things turn from bad to worse when the spell cast by the witch goes all wrong and Merida doesn’t have much time in her hands to get things back in control.

It is here where the screenplay takes a beating as it gets a little on the serious note a bit too much for the kids. The movie which has a running time of 100 minutes could have been more down to earth thereby making it more interesting for the tiny tots.

“Brave” is nothing but a mediocre attempt by animation majors Pixar & Walt Disney.

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