Director M Rajesh after his successful debut in “Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS)” has once again come up with a comic caper in “Boss Engira Baskaran” (Written as Boss (A) Baskaran). This movie has Arya in the lead and to give him company is Nayanthara. Santhanam who comes as Jeeva’s friend in “SMS” once again plays the same role here playing the friend of Arya. In terms of story there is nothing new compared to the director’s previous film. However, in terms of treatment given to the similar storyline there is definitely a slight difference which makes this film a watchable fare.

Baskaran (Arya) who is also called as Boss is a care-free guy roaming the streets of Kumbakonam without any aim in life. He is aimless that that he finds it hard to even complete his graduation and writes arrear exams after exams but of no avail. Nalla Thambi (Santhanam) who is a friend of Baskaran owns a saloon and it is this saloon where Baskaran spends most of his time doing nothing. Baskaran then meets Chandrika (Nayanthara) who incidentally happens to be his Anni’s (Vijayalakshmi) sister and it is love blossoming at first sight.

When Baskaran confides to his Anni that he wants to get married to Chandrika, and thats when Baskaran is questioned about his worthiness in the society which makes him think differently. He leaves the house with a vengeance that he will be back within six months with enough cash in his hand and then will ask for Chandrika’s hand in marriage.

How does Baskaran succeed in life and how he gets to win his lady love is all about in the remaining part of this movie. As mentioned earlier the story is the usual boy meeting girl and falling in love types and the only differentiating factor is that this movie is sans any villain.

Director M Rajesh is clever and looks like he has gauged the pulse of the audience to a certain level correctly. The viewers are treated to a laugh-riot no doubt but if one needs to enjoy the movie then the best thing to do is to watch the film without any expectations whatsoever.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is brilliant in patches and few songs in the movie are reminiscent of old melodies. Arya has performed his role to perfection and Nayanthara for whom it was rumored that this will be her last film has also done a good job. Santhanam has carried himself in the same vein as in “Siva Manasula Sakthi” and has done a commendable job compared to others. Jeeva makes a guest appearance in the end. Cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan has canned the streets of Kumbakonam perfectly which compliments the mood of the movie.

Post “Boss Engira Baskaran” director Rajesh will be directing Udayanithi Stalin in his debut film as a hero and the movie will also have Nayanthara as the female lead. From the two films for which Rajesh has wielded the megaphone one hopes that the experience will make him a better director in his future projects. “Siva Manasula Sakthi” was a hit at the box-office and one hopes that this film will also keep the cash registers ringing. “Boss Engira Baskaran” has a running time of 150 minutes and the best way to enjoy the film is to watch the movie as just time-pass.

There are lot of continuity mistakes in the film. The first one is when Arya comes back from watching a late night movie he is been told that the time is 3.45 am and after a few minutes when he steps inside the house the clock on the wall shows the time as 3.30. The next one is Arya walks out of the house leaving his bike behind but a few scenes later when he is at the saloon one can see his bike standing outside. The types of continuity mistakes needs to be avoided in the director’s future projects.

“Boss Engira Baskaran” is an average masala entertainer.


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