“Bharatirajaa” the name itself reminds us of the scenic village scenes with the rustic actors performing at their best. However, in this Bommalattam one cannot expect such a fare from the legendary director instead he has come out with a subject that would confuse most of us and at the same time also makes us think a lot on the choice of the subject.

The movie begins in a dicey note which gives a feel to the audience that this film might be a take on the infamous casting couch prevalent in the film industry. The director during his promos had mentioned that this film is based on the real-life happening but when we look at it from a logical point of view, we wonder if this is all worth at the end.

Director Rana (Nana Patekar) gives a hint to the viewer that he might be a womanizer wanting to sleep with every woman he had directed. And on the other hand we get to see Tirushna (Debutant Rukmani) around whom the entire movie is set , engage in a conversation which kind of confirms the character of Rana.

Arjun who comes in as a CBI officer decides to expose Rana to the entire world and whether he succeeds in the same or not forms the rest of the movie. This movie was not fully shot in tamil as we can clearly see the lip-sync missing in most of the scenes and on closer observation the lip-sync suggests that the characters converse in Hindi which is dubbed into tamil.

The comedy element has been provided by Vivek and Manivannan where one gets a feeling that these might be the only scenes canned in tamil. This multi-lingual film “Cinemaa” in Hindi has wasted lots of promising and established talents. Kajal Aggarwal who made her debut in “Saroja” has been wasted and the same can be said of Bharatirajaa’s famous village girl Ranjitha who dons the role of Mrs. Rana. “Action King” Arjun has been wasted in the role of a CBI officer and overall the major disappointment happens to be Nana Patekar who had agreed to do such an inconsequential role.

“Bommalattam” can be given a miss at the theatres.

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