Walt Disney Pictures “Bolt” is a fun-filled animation film which would be loved by audiences of all ages and class. The interesting note about this Bolt movie is the way the entire plot has been conceived and portrayed on screen.

If Kungfu Panda had a Panda in the lead & Ratatouille had a mouse in the helm of things, Bolt (voice of John Travolta) has a canine which is a Hollywood star but the only issue is that the canine does not know it is a star and it thinks that it has all super powers in the world. Infact Bolt thinks whatever it does is for real.

In the beginning of the movie we wonder if this is going to be a story of a canine which has got everything it needs to win over evil. Minutes into the movie we get to know the real picture. Penny (Voice of Miley Cyrus) is the caretaker of Bolt and the duty of the canine is to defend her through the day.Penny wants to help Bolt discover himself and to make the canine understand what the real world is.

As part of the television show the bad guy has his little army of cats and their duty is to tease bolt. In the show Penny is being kidnapped by the bad guys which bolt thinks is real and is very frustrated that she couldn’t be saved. As usual when the cats come to tease bolt, the canine escapes from captivity and runs in search of Penny.

What happens to bolt and does he discover himself or soes he ever get to meet Penny forms the rest of the 90 minute movie. In search of Penny, Bolt gets to meet new friends in a cat named Mittens (Voice of Susie Essman) and Rhino the Hamster (Voice of Mark Walton).

Bolt is different from the other Walt Disney products due to the reason that the charecters in the movie is heading towards a normal path that everyone identifies with. And when a canine is the man’s best friend the expressions made by Bolt is greeted with laughter by the audience.

The movie is infact a very jovial entertainer for the reason that an extraordinary charecter “Bolt” is made to re-discover himself that he is indeed ordinary and nothing special. Walt Disney has for a refreshing change come out with a product that is surely different from the normal animation stuff.

On the whole it is a movie to watch with the kids and don’t be surprised if you get to feel like a kid during the course of the action in the movie. Watch it and come back fully charged by virtue of the “Bolt”.

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