“Blue” is an interesting tale which keeps the audience in awe for one major reason, the underwater shots are first-of-its-kind seen in Indian Cinema. Pete Zuccarini who had handled the camera for Pirates of the Caribbean has rendered his services for this 100 Crore film. The lead actors look fabulous in their rich costumes. Lara Dutta sizzles and the way she carries herself in bikini  is a visual treat to the eyes.

Akshay Kumar a rich guy squanders money for wine and women befriends Sanjay Dutt a fisherman who lives with his wife Lara Dutta. Zayed Khan who happens to be the brother of Sanjay Dutt comes to him as he is in need of money else his life is in grave danger. Sanjay Dutt then remembers of a treasure which he does not want to retrieve due to the haunting past of it.

Moments later Lara Dutta gets kidnapped by the bad guys for money and the three go in search of the treasure with varying intentions. The treasure which is surrounded by sharks warrants some spectacular stunts which is beautifully captured on camera. In the end we get to see some really old fashioned treasure which surfaces from the deadly Pacific Ocean.

The stars of this movie are undoubtedly Pete Zuccarini and Lara Dutta who steal the show in their own fashion. Akshay Kumar looks very plain whereas Sanjay Dutt and Zayed Khan display a tired look throughout the movie. Katrina Kaif who makes a guest appearance as Zayed Khan’s girl is nothing more than a filler.

Songs by A R Rahman are already chartbusters and along with Resul Pookutty’s brilliant sound editing the music compliments the movie to perfection. Though there are major attractions to this “Blue”, the major spoiler is the wafer thin storyline complimented with a horrendous screenplay courtesy director Anthony D’Souza. The movie set in the thriller genre achieves its moments only underwater and not otherwise.

“Blue” must watch for the visual extravaganza.


Downloading Blue Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Blue movie in rapidshare, Blue movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Blue Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Blue Movie crew : Director Anthony D’Souza, Blue actor Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Zayed Khan and Blue actress Lara Dutta has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Blue.


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