Biriyani MovieVenkat Prabhu known for his stylish ways of narrating stories in his earlier directorial ventures seems to have finally caught up with the law of averages in his latest film “Biriyani” which has a tagline “A Venkat Prabhu Diet”. Karthi after consecutive flops pinned a lot of hopes on this film to revive his fortunes at the box office but it seems to be that his bad luck seems to have rubbed on Venkat Prabhu also.

The film which has a running time of 150 minutes (including the end titles) begins on a racy note with Premgi Amaren starting the proceedings. However, as the scenes roll on and the characters get introduced there seems to be a lag in the story as nothing concrete crops up till a good amount of time.

During the Interval, it seems that the viewers who were in for a disappointment till that time will have something interesting dished out at them in the second half as the film shows signs of being a thriller. Once the second half rolls on the genre moves from being a probable thriller to a crime thriller. However in the end the film lacks none of the qualities of being a thriller nor a crime thriller.

Venkat Prabhu in his previous films like “Saroja”, “Goa” and “Mankatha” was sure of his target but in this “Biriyani” it looks like his diet has missed its target by a huge margin. The storyline seems to be a time tested one while the screenplay too follows the same path. The suspense ending doesn’t help the cause of the film a bit.

In terms of acting, Karthi is as usual and nothing great that he has showcased compared to his previous films. Hansika Motwani with a slimmer figure in this film has limited scope and screen time. Director’s favorite brother Premgi Amaren doesn’t tickle a bone with his comedy. Yesteryear actor Ramki makes a decent comeback to silver screen. Madhumitha who played heroine roles earlier has shifted gear to play a sister role in this film. Nithin Sathya also plays an almost blink and miss role. There are also Venkat Prabhu’s regular men Sampath and Jayaprakash who play smaller roles while Nasser too plays a character which does not enjoy too much screen time.

Mandy Thakkar sizzles for the “Missisipi” item number while Uma Riyaz Khan slug it out in a hitwoman role. Yuvan Shankar Raja for whom this film happens to be his landmark 100th film has disappointed badly with a mediocre score. Venkat and Yuvan’s deadly combination in their previous films turns out to be a failure as the songs or the background score creates any impact. Watching this film with huge expectations will backlash badly while for those who go without any expectations will also be disappointed.

The relativity in certain scenes takes a beating for eg. when inside the hospital there is an inscription on the wall saying  that it is a school block. On the continuity front, in the scene when Uma Riyaz Khan pushes a person in front of the train and runs for cover in the platform the train which was coming in the platform at a good speed does not follow or to be seen in the background. Mistakes like these are not made off late in films and Venkat Prabhu should have taken care in this front.

“Biriyani” with a wafer-thin storyline and a run-of-the-mill impact less screenplay is sure to be a disappointment at the box-office considering the fact that it is also vying for box-office share alongside “Dhoom 3” and “Endrendrum Punnagai”.

“Biriyani” which was to be served hot turns out to be a tasteless diet from Venkat Prabhu.

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