What happens when a group of college soccer players decide to go to a car wash fund raiser? The obvious answer is that they are in deep trouble as the vehicle they travel is bound to break down either on their way to the venue or on their way back. The same scenario is being used in this movie which is an attempt to expose few babes in bikini.

The plot of the movie tends to unfold pretty quickly in the first few minutes itself when a lone bikini clad traveler decides to pull-up at a highway gas station. The gas station looks abandoned in the inside and when she decides to move on trouble begins and she is mercilessly butchered by the gas station owner Moe (William Jarand). The next day is when the group of soccer girls decide to go on a fund-raising car wash when their van gets stuck in the same gas station.

The girls then decide to setup shop there unaware of the fact that the gas station is being used as a stalking ground by the maniac mechanic Moe. During the course of the day few get killed and when by evening few girls leave the place on their own which leaves the remaining people in the gas station to have some fun.

Slowly all the remaining girls get killed and are stored in the ice boxes that are present in the gas station. when the girls come to know of what is happening it is too late and in the end all get killed except one who lives to see the daybreak.

The final scene shows that Moe continues to butcher people who visit his gas station. The movie is nothing more than a third grade flick which emphasizes on only skin show. The movie has a running time of 80 minutes and to be honest it is a pain to sit through the proceedings. There are scenes that show too much gore and hence it is not recommended for the faint-hearted individuals.

The cast includes Chindel Chartrand, Danielle Doetsch, Suzzi Loraine and others. The movie is directed by Geoff Klein.

“Bikini Girls on Ice” is a dumb creation.

Watch the Trailer of “Bikini Girls on Ice”:

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