Anushka who was seen in a stellar performance in “Arundhati” earlier has come up with an equally interesting act in the bi-lingual “Bhaagamathie”. A film which gives an initial impression that the script was inspired by the super hit “Arundhati” turns out to be a different ball game. Director G Ashok has written a script that is engaging for most part and for the viewer it is a worthable watch.

The trailer lets the outline of the story which holds good for majority of the proceedings. Its only the climax that proves to be a twist in the tale and till that time G Ashok doesn’t let a whiff of doubt out in the open is a commendable effort.

Anushka as an IAS officer stands tall and her costumes somewhat reminds of Nayanthara from the film “Aram”. Jayaraman as a selfless politician is convincing in the role while Unni Mukundan as a social activist fits in to perfection. Asha Sharath as CBI officer holds forte much like what she had done in “Papanasam”.

The film with a running time of 140 minutes as expected begins on a slow pace and then shifts gears as the story rolls on. The interval block in particular lifts the pace by leaps and bounds and beyond that it very well sustains the momentum. The only place where there seem to be a lag is during the climax showdown between Anushka and her antagonist which could have been a bit crisper as it just let’s all the good work somewhat go down the drain.

The closing shot pumps in a renewed interest in what could be a prelude for a sequel to this “Bhagamathie” and a bit more runtime on that aspect could have augured well for an even more better run at the box-office.

In terms of acting, Anushka pulls it off with ease while Jayaraman who begins on a subtle note proves once again as to why he is being considered as an actor of substance. Other actors have done their part well but once again Anushka stands tall amongst her co-actors in the film.

The sets are brilliant while music by Thaman lends the much-required feel during the eerie sequences. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s editing is slick for most part while Madhi’s cinematography is appreciable. It is unfair to compare this film with “Arundhati” as both belong to different genres and is definitely not an apple to apple competition.

A film that is definitely worth a watch in theatres if one is ready to watch without any pre-conceived notions as to how the film will pan out. However, high expectations on the film is not recommended but a popcorn for company is something that should be considered. In comparison, Telugu version should rake in more business than the Tamil version and it is only due to the overall popularity of Anushka in Tollywood as supposed to Kollywood.

“Bhaagamathie” – A right concoction of thriller and suspense that keeps the audience engaged.

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