20th Century Fox presents “Behind Enemy Lines Colombia” is an action packed movie right from the start till finish. Its pretty sad that this movie was taken or rather could be released on the video version only. The director of the movie Tim Matheson has made an extensive study about the prevailing conditions in colombia and the support given by the Americans in dealing with the revolts happening there.This 93 minute movie keeps you on the edge of the seat for most part of the action.

The film starts on a documentary mode giving a brief to the viewer about the colombian army and the revolting F.A.R.C group who fight each other in the quest for supremacy and in the process killing few innocent lives.The US Army decides to do what it knows best and that is to end this revolt by eliminating the key member of the F.A.R.C group.

Five members from the US Seal gets selected for this operation headed by Sean Macklin (Joe Manganiello). These men get airdropped to colombia where their main task is to land in a neutral area where there is not much support for the Colombian army nor the F.A.R.C. They get to have a taste of the internal war that’s happening when they find rivers loaded with mine bombs.

The trained men then reach the place of action where the colombian army general addresses a group of its men which is been carefully observed by the seals. Trouble begins when suddenly unidentified men barge in to unleash ruthless blood shed and they capture the general. In the confusion the US men is charged with trespassing and what begun as a secret mission becomes an international issue which had to be dealt through proper channels.

In the action two men of the group gets killed and one is captured by the unidentified group. Sean and his accomplice then manage to touch base with US forces and asks for reinforcements. An army helicopter comes to air lift the two men only to be pulled back at the last minute much to the dismay of the men.

In the US, CIA takes control of the operation and brands the men as war criminals and orders to shut down the operation. The Men in colombia decides to come clean and the best way to do that is to accomplish the mission successfully.

They plan perfectly and execute them in style to rescue their captured friend and in the end all three make sure that they are indeed thorough professionals and complete the task given to them.

The supporting cast in Kennedy, Channon Roe, Yancey Arias, Chris J Johnson and many more make this DVD movie a complete treat to watch. Special mention has to be given to the film editor Matthew Booth for his crisp editing and to the cinematographer Claudio Chea in bringing the warzone alive on the screens.

In the end this movie is certainly worth a watch and a treat to those who are obsessed with the action genre movies.

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