batman-v-supermanWhen two iconic superheroes come together in a commercial flick, it is beyond doubt that audience can expect a riveting entertainment guaranteed and that was the clear expectation set prior to the release of “Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice”. Directed by Zack Snyder (who has films like “300”, “Man of Steel” and “Sucker Punch” to name a few) had a herculean task ahead of him wherein he needed to cater to the fans of Batman as well as Superman. The film has a running time of 150 minutes and at the end of it, all one could get is nothing but sheer disappointment.

The major flack in the film is that there is hardly any segment which garners the required attention and to make matters worse, the most dragging segment is unfortunately the climax portion which extends for a good 40 minutes or so without any spark in it for the die-hard superhero fans and also for the normal movie goer.

The possible rivalry gets tipped mid-way through the film and that actually turns out to be a damp squib twist one experiences as they both hardly face-off in the entire film. Also, in the end when the so called face-off does happen, the eventual result is known to the discerning movie goer. The villain and its creator Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) do form a formidable combination to take on the might of the two superheroes but the combination fails to be a force that would evince an interest in the final showdown.

In terms of acting, one standout performance is of Amy Adams in the character of Lois where she has put in a performance worth noticing. In terms of both the superheroes, it is business as usual and hence nothing new to write home about their performances. Ben Affleck in particular seems to be the weaker performer compared to his peer Henry Cavill.

Director Zack Snyder who had this humongous responsibility on his shoulders seem to have shrugged it off without putting much effort into it and the party to this debacle are also its writers in Chris Terrio and David S Goyer who could have put in a much better effort to make this conglomeration feature an experience worth cherishing.

Overall, after a tiring 2:30 hours of screen time it is quite evident that this “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” fails to match its pre-release expectations. Also, the action sequences are nothing new and have been witnessed numerous times in various superhero films that hit the marquee prior to this release. The huge expectations might bring in some initial good news at the box-office but beyond the initial frenzy, it does not have the fire power to perform in the long run.

“Batman Vs Superman” is an ordinary face-off which is sure to disappoint its huge fan base.

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