Director Anurag Basu has woven a magic in the acting prowess of his leading actors in this “Barfi”. To be precise, the acting from all three actors is just magical and there are many a moment in the film that makes the viewer applaud spontaneously. An important success factor of this film is the casting precision that Anurag Basu has achieved.

The storyline isn’t that riveting for the plain reason that such stories have been witnessed in various films of the bygone decade from various international films. The adaptation to suit Bollywood audience is where the director has slipped one or two places in terms of screenplay else this “Barfi” on the whole is a true gem. The story takes place in 3 different stages of a person’s life, in the year 1972, 1978 and present day.

Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is a deaf-dumb person who first loses his heart to Shruti (Debutant Ileana D’Cruz – who becomes a social worker later in life) in the city of Darjeeling. His reaction when he comes to know that Shruti is engaged is simply a class apart. Later, he realizes that his true love is with an autistic girl Jhillmill (Priyanka Chopra).

Shruti understands the impact of true love when Barfi stands through the struggles of his life to care for Jhillmill. In the end when everyone grows old and the scene shifts to the present day scenario, Shruti with a dejection in her voice appreciates the bonding that the love has made between two individuals who are differently challenged.

Director Anurag Basu has made this film with so much finesse and depth that most of the scenes feels like a gentle breeze blowing across. The film cannot be compared amongst the mass masala entertainers as the normal front-benchers / masala crowds. This film is for the niche audiences who have the capacity to appreciate such sincere attempts by our film makers.

The cinematography, music and editing are all flawless and serves as a perfect base for the orchestration of a different saga titled “Barfi”. The film with a running time of 150 minutes is a class apart from the run of the mill entertainers.

“Barfi” is sweet and at the same time different.

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