The hero realizes that he is the most unlucky person on earth and decides to end his life. Unfortunately in his every attempt to end his life there comes some hindrance or other that he lives to see the day. Frustrated by this he goes to a contract killer and asks to assassinate him. Whether the unlucky guy gets assassinated or what happens in the end is the crux of this Siddharth Chandrasekhar directed “Bale Pandiya” (meaning Well-done Pandiya).

The storyline of the movie might sound innovative but in reality it is a copy of the 1990 film “ I hired a contract Killer” directed by Aki Kaurismaki. The only differentiating factor of this “Bale Pandiya” is the tweak given to the story to suit the local audience.

Pandian (Vishnu) plays the main role of the unlucky character who frustrated in his life decides to end it and seeks the help of AKP (Amar) a contract killer. AKP then decides a future date where he will be assassinated as per his wish and till that time he can live a jolly life. During that period Pandian comes across Vaishnavi (Pia Bajpai) who brings a whiff of fresh air into his life.

On the D-day when Pandian will be assassinated, he goes to meet AKP at his residence where unexpected things happens and as a result of which his life takes a new beginning. Director Siddharth who moves the story pretty well till this point begins faltering and unnecessary twists gets squeezed into the story. In the end though the film finishes on a happy note, as a viewer one feels that the movie isn’t worth the money. The movie is definitely not going to rain in returns at the box-office and the final verdict is awaited from the viewers which will decide the fate of this film.

In terms of acting Vishnu, Amar and Pia Bajpai have done a wonderful role with their varied expressions. Pia Bajpai provides the required oomph to a certain level. The greatest speed breaker in the movie is the comedy track of Vivek who comes in the role of a UK settled guy. Vivek has totally lost his charm and the entire movie would have been a lot better without this boring comedy track. The movie has a running time of 140 minutes.

The movie is not at all made with great production values and the worst thing one could find is the glaring continuity mistakes. In the movie towards the climax, Pandian gets hold of one of the accomplices of the bad guy who is shown as uncontrollably drunk and in the next few minutes within the space of few hours he is shown as very fresh which is a glaring mistake. The next continuity mistake is that in the climax fight aboard a cruise boat, the bad guy falls into the water and in the next scene he climbs back to the boat pitch-dry to fight with the hero which is absurd by any standards.

All said and done the director needs to lay emphasis on many factors in his future projects which will help him earn a good name in the industry. Music by Devan Ekambaram is of average quality.

The end credits of the movie crediting the actors and technicians who had worked in the film “Bale Pandiya” sans Vivek’s comedy can be watched once.

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Downloading Bale Pandiya movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Bale Pandiya movie in rapidshare, Bale Pandiya movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Bale Pandiya Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Bale Pandiya Movie crew : Director Siddharth Chandrasekhar, Bale Pandiya actor Vishnu and the Bale Pandiya heroine actress Pia Bajpai has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called BALE PANDIYA.


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