The movie is nothing new in terms of storyline. Its the same poor boy falling in love with rich girl story and the screenplay strongly revolves around these two characters. This movie marks the debut of actor Murali’s son Atharva in the lead role and to be honest he has done a mediocre job on the whole. Samantha after a cameo in “Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa” is coming as the female lead in a Tamil film for the first time. Prasanna after his portrayal of a character with negative shades in “Anjathey” which won him accolades has again embarked on a character which has ample scope for him to perform.

The movie begins with Ramesh (Atharva) and his group of school going friends running behind a kite indicating to the viewer that they are experts in the art of Kite flying. Ramesh bumps into Priya (Samantha) the quintessential college girl and in the melee her pen drive transfers from her to Ramesh. The pen drive holds the key for the love quotient to blossom between the two. The story is not about a young guy falling in love with an elder girl as the hero justifies his age and the logic behind falling in love with a college girl.

On the other hand there is Ravi (Prasanna) the hit-man of the area who plays a role with negative shades that also holds a key in the later part of the movie. Karunas and T P Gajendran as son and father duo provide the comic relief in the movie. Atharva’s dad Murali also plays a cameo in the film but it is disheartening to note that he comes in a role that ends up spoofing his own character from the movie “Idhayam”.

Editing by Suresh Urs is slick and the music by Yuvan Shankar Raja helps the movie to maintain the tempo. All the songs tuned in by Yuvan are chartbusters and the peppy background score helps sustain the mood of the movie to a great extent.

All said and done in the end the movie somehow doesn’t satisfy the viewer to the maximum. There are many glitches in the screenplay and the condom scene that is being used to bring in the twist in the storyline could have been structured in a better way. The only difference in this movie is the unconventional ending which leaves the viewers with a heavy heart. Director Badri Venkatesh has come up with a mediocre product.

“Baana Kaathadi” doesn’t fly handsomely high.

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