The answer that the entire tinsel world was waiting for the last 2 years is finally out and the viewers are going gung ho over it. “Why did Kattappa Kill Baahubali” and the answer is there in the concluding part of the epic sequel to “Baahubali : The Beginning”. The film with a running time of close to 2 hrs and 50 mins is a technically brilliant film.

Director SS Rajamouli who had placed himself on a razor’s edge post the stupendous success of “Baahubali” has managed to complete the mammoth journey. In terms of comparison to the prequel, the sequel is more refined in terms of making (barring few spots in CGI which is a letdown).  In terms of storyline it moves on expected lines but the screenplay does carry scenes that are brilliant in few pockets and at the same time lets down in places.

The first 45 mins does move at a leisure pace but after that once Devasena character steps into the life of Baahubali, the pace rivets and holds good for most of the remaining portion. The best in this sequel is the full-fledged role of Anushka who steals the show with her performance.

Prabhaas as the main lead once again establishes his supremacy in the film. Rana Dagubaati as the antagonist lives the character to perfection. Tamannah Bhatia who had a role of substance in the first half comes in exactly 2 scenes. Ramya Krishnan who stunned everyone with her poise in the first installment continues in the same vein. The main character “Kattappa” is enacted very well by Sathyaraj and the scene where he kills Baahubali is well scripted.

The stunt sequences in the second half is as interesting as it can be and kudos to the stunt director for the same. There is more imagination that has gone into the action choreography and the CGI has helped immensely in bringing the grandeur in the canvas. The ending is predictable but in the masala genre, there isn’t much that can be done if there needs to be a conclusion.

The film is a must watch for the technical brilliance and natural acting of all the actors involved. However, if one is to watch with expectations overloaded on this film then it would be a letdown. In terms of the trade prospects, this film would be the first in history to have earned tremendous profits even before its release and hence it was already declared as a blockbuster.

If not for a few pit falls, the film would have been more engaging than the prequel. Nevertheless, a worthy watch for the effort and time spent in the making. Kudos to SS Rajamouli for this magnificent vision which he managed to successfully recreate in the big screen.

“Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion” entertains but more was expected of this film.

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