“Ayyanar” produced by Thenappan, directed by S S Rajamithran has Aadhi and Meera Nandan in the lead. The movie proves to be a complete masala entertainer right from the word go. The story moves at a brisk pace and there are certain twists in the storyline which is handled brilliantly by the director. Aadhi after a stellar performance in “Eeram” has once again come up with a commendable performance and his lead pair Meera Nandan unfortunately has no scope in the movie to display her acting skills.

The story takes place in Kumbakonam and it shifts to Chennai as the sequence of events lead the characters to the city. Prabha (Aadhi) is an energetic guy wanted to join a government job. As he waits to get placed in the job, he joins as a volleyball coach in a women’s college. In the college he meets Anitha (Meera Nandan) who initially looks at Prabha with a bad impression. Anitha follows her father’s dream of she becoming a volleyball player.

Things change over a song and they both fall in love with each other. Anitha then travels to Chennai for volleyball training while for Prabha things take an ugly turn at home in Kumbakonam. In Chennai Prabha accidentally comes across a gang which is notorious for its activities and an unfortunate happening makes him join the gang.

Prabha starts to do certain illegal activities and after a few sequences, the viewers get to know that there is something more in the story than that meets the eye. The suspense is maintained till the fag end of the movie and only in the climax it is revealed why Prabha comes to Chennai and what happens thereafter.

In terms of acting Aadhi is truly impressive both in terms of acting as well as fight sequences. Meera Nandan has very limited screen time allotted to her and in that she has not done anything worthy of mention. Santhanam who comes as Aadhi’s friend provides the comic aspect in the film but he strangely disappears from the scheme of things in the middle. Jayaprakash and Rajashree come as Aadhi’s father and mother in the film and both the actors have performed their roles with maturity.

The movie has a running time of 135 minutes. Music by Thaman is commendable and especially “Aathadi Aathadi” and “Paniyea Paniyea” songs are soothing for the ears to hear. Editing by Kasi Viswanathan is good and it could have been more crisper towards the end which would have made this film an absolute blockbuster. Director SS Rajamithran has done a commendable job and one hopes that he does not repeat the few mistakes done here in his forthcoming films.

On the whole this “Ayyanar” does not let its viewers down.

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