Director Bala’s latest release “Avan Ivan” turns out to be a complete disaster right from the beginning till the end. The movie is nowhere near to a trademark Bala film. Bala has ventured into a full comedy genre through this film but the so called comic scenes are very far and few and the little comic sequences fail to create an impact on the audience. Bala with his previous releases like “Pithamagan” and “Naan Kadavul” to name a few have created a huge hype and expectation on this film and this “Avan Ivan” doesn’t even meet 10% of the expectations which is really a sad scenario.

The film begins with something unusual which a big ticket hero like Vishal would not do in normal circumstances unless it is required in a film directed by one of the great men in business and this one being one he does it without any hesitation. Walter (Vishal) is an unsuccessful thief who aspires to be an actor and on the other hand is Kumbidren Sami (Arya) his brother who is a smart thief. Highness (G M Kumar) is like a godfather to both and at the same time the three are very close to each other. The life of three goes on with lots of fun n frolic.

Constable Baby (Janani Iyer) who comes across the innocent police constable is the love interest of Walter while Thenmozhi (Madhu Shalini) the tutorial college student is the love interest of Kumbidren Sami. The most disappointing fact about this film is that there is no story as such and here no story means literally nothing in terms of a credible storyline. The movie is such a dud that at the end of the film the viewers are left puzzled as to whether this movie was really made by Bala. The ending again is something not you get to see in a typical Bala film though it looks like Bala loves to have at least one of the characters in the film getting murdered. In this “Avan Ivan” the audience are not given a clue till the actual happening which is the only positive in this movie.

The climax is again something that does not have an impact on the audience and in the end all that lingers in the mind of the audience is that Director Bala has slipped badly in terms of story, screenplay and its direction. The movie has a total running time of 130 minutes and to be honest it is very difficult for the film to sail past the opening weekend at the box-office.

The acting part of the lead actors is again nothing great to boast about. Vishal with pain brings a squint to his eyes and his varied body language does add some significance to the character he plays but this performance is by no means an award-winning one. Arya on the other hand reminds so much of Vikram’s character in “Pithamagan” with a similar hairstyle and again his acting is very mediocre. G M Kumar as “Highness” plays the role with so much conviction. Janani Iyer and Madhu Shalini play nothing more than the love interest and their acting is not worth mentioning or to boast about.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is nothing brilliant compared to few of his previous films where he has proved his mettle. Editing by Suresh Ars is little slackening in pace. The biggest letdown in this “Avan Ivan” as mentioned earlier is the absence of a storyline and to add more worries to the existing problem, the supporting screenplay is so bad that the film which was shot in 200 days (a quick one compared to Bala’s standards) looked totally out of target.

There is also a dose of nudity in the film which makes the viewers uncomfortable and this could have been handled more deftly. Bala’s previous films would have created an ever lasting impact on the audience but this “Avan Ivan” clearly misses the target on that aspect.

“Avan Ivan” is a huge disappointment from Bala’s stable.

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