A thriller movie which does not boast of a star cast and shot on a mediocre budget “As Good As Dead” doesn’t disappoint the viewers on the whole. The movie begins on a different note which does not give a clue on what the plot would be which increases the curiosity amongst the audience. The main protagonist in the film gets entangled in the web created by the bad guys. But, when everyone thinks that the reason behind the bad guys presence is something else the twist in the tale tells a different story which dwells into the past life of the hero.

Ethan Belfrage (Cary Elwes) is a photo journalist who lives in an apartment with his pet dog. Ethan gets constant pressure from the landlord to vacate the apartment so that the space in which the building stands can be used for better purpose. Ethan refuses to budge and during one night he is threatened by two strangers who try to bang into his house.

Ethan then barges into the landlord’s office to re-convey his decision that he will not be moving. When he comes back he has two unwelcomed strangers hiding in his apartment. The story takes a complete twist from hereon where Ethan is tortured to get a truth about an incident that happened in the past.

Jake (Matt Dallas) along with Aaron (Frank Whaley) begin the torture on Ethan and when Helen (Andie Macdowell) walks in to the scene the real motive behind Ethan being held captive is unleashed. In pursuit of an information from Ethan the trio experiment various types of torture on him which makes this “As Good As Dead” movie worth the watch.

Director Jonathan Mossek might have started the film well but there are certain drawbacks in few places which could have been well attended to. In terms of acting Cary Elwes provides the foundation for the storyline whereas Matt Dallas, Frank Whaley and Andie Macdowell have made best use of the opportunity provided.

“As Good As Dead” not completely dead.

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