Aruvi MovieDebutant director Arun Prabhu in “Aruvi” has set foot on a subject that many would think twice to experiment with. What begins as a rural family drama shifts gears and moves rapidly into the ugly dark world of urban life. Aruvi (Aditi Balan) comes to the city in search of a life post a fallout with her own family.

The strength of the film is it’s screenplay which picks good pace in the first half when the story revolves around various possible plots being the motive for the lead Actor’s action. However, once the real reason is revealed the director takes the film into a different mood which sways a little from the run-of-the-mill masala offerings.

The storyline revolves around the pivotal character of Aruvi and how her life turns upside down after a freak incident. The journey from a kid to an adult is a joyous roller coaster ride and cut to the present day her struggle is altogether on a different dimension.

In the midst of all this, director has made sure to pump in a correct dosage of comedy which keeps the entertainment factor going and also achieves in holding the audience glued to their seats. However, the conventional ending puts a dampener to all the good work that preceded till the climax which should have been avoided. Also, a bit of research on the main subject could have avoided a major blunder (which is being shown as the streak incident) and here director falls flat on the crux of the film.

In terms of acting, Aditi Balan steals the show with her genuine acting. Her cute expressions add more value to the character and in scenes where she need to be assertive, it’s a perfect ten. Director needs to pull-up his socks in his next venture to make sure that he doesn’t commit blunders during researching a subject.

The film fares well for most part which is a huge bonus and the choice of new faces for pivotal roles showcases the confidence the maker had on his story. A good attempt for a debut film but the benchmark for a dream debut hasn’t been achieved in this “Aruvi”.

Made in 2016 this film has tasted success in various film festivals across and finally Dream Warrior Pictures (Producers) have decided that it is time to showcase their prestigious product to the normal movie-goer. The film should do decent business at the box-office and with a not so lengthy running time (2 hours and 10 minutes), it sustains the feel-good factor for most part.

“Aruvi” meaning waterfall has its dull moments but overall it turns out to be a film that qualifies a watch in the theater.

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