“Arundhati” directed by Kodi Ramakrishna is a supernatural thriller which has its main lead Arundhati (Anushka) taking revenge on her nemesis. Arundhati has her marriage fixed with Rahul (Deepak) and days before her marriage she comes to her ancestral home in Kandharva Kottai. History would have it, decades earlier arundhati gets rid of a womanizer Pasupathi (Sonu Sood) and have him locked in a fort which is not frequented by anyone. Pasupathi’s spirit vows to take revenge on Arundhati and three generations later the spirit comes back to keep up its word and what follows later is the evil cat and mouse game between the two.

Arundhati informs her dynasty people that she would be born again and the next girl baby should be named after her. Three generations later Arundhati a modern stylish girl grows in the family unaware of the past. All hell break loose when she visits the old fort where Pasupathi’s spirit is held captive and that’s the time she comes to know that there is something more to the happenings there.

Manorama who is a maid in the dynasty is more of a reference material to the happenings that happened decades earlier. Arundhati curious about the old fort and to the happenings get all the necessary information from her and also she gets to meet the Fakir (Shiyaaji Shinde) who is an expert in handling the evil spirits.

The evil spirit of Pasupathi is let out and he comes in to wreck havoc in Arundhati’s life and his instruction for Arundhati is that she should not leave the place and should come and plead to have physical relationship with him failing which she will not have any surviving family members.

Arundhati confused but at the same time determined to get rid of the evil spirit of Pasupathi find ways and means to eliminate him and to help her she gets a weapon which has got the required magical powers.

Arundhati on the whole is a movie which is very supernatural but at the same time gripping in parts. The content of the movie initially resembles more like that of “Chandramukhi” but later it is a totally of a different genre. The first half of the movie is gripping but in the second half the pace of the movie is left to drift.

There is too much of graphical violence in the movie with lots of blood shed and the element of logic goes completely for a toss especially in the scene where Shiyaaji Shinde falls into a deep pit and minutes later comes out unhurt.

Anushka has done a fabulous job in her acting and she oozes sex appeal in the dance movements. Soonu Sood as the vicious womaniser and later as the evil spirit has performed his part to perfection. Shiyaaji Shinde as the fakir is truly convincing.

The movie dubbed from telugu “Arundhati” is fetching in more box-office collections than the producers would have thought and this super natural thriller is more of an interesting proposition to the B and C centers and not for the multiplex crowd.

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