The tagline of the movie spills the beans much before one gets to watch it fully. With a tagline that reads “Rent At Your Own Risk” effectively pulls down the suspense element of the story pretty prematurely. Jagmohan Mundhra who wanted to make an original thriller has finally not gone more than ending up making a re-make of the hit flick “Single White Female”. The characterization is weak, the plot is even weak and the final outcome is just ordinary. When Tanushree Dutta and Neetu Chandra play pivotal roles in the film its a foregone conclusion that the former would be in the thick of things for her acting while the latter would be in for some skin show.

The director though has taken Schizophrenia which has been the choice of many recent movies like Ghajini, Karthik Calling Karthik and Prince to name a few. “Apartment” needed to be special to strike a chord with the audience which unfortunately doesn’t happen throughout the movie. The only appeal that the movie has is the sex quotient of Neetu Chandra which again doesn’t help the cause of the story much.

The movie begins with an unassuming Neha Bhargav (Neetu Chandra) boarding a train to make a living in Mumbai. On the other hand Preeti (Tanushree Dutta) a suave airhostess with SpiceJet airlines moves into a new apartment with her boyfriend Karan (Rohit Roy). Neha finds herself an accommodation in a working women’s hostel while the romantic couple enjoy their life together in their new apartment.

Preeti and Karan have an understanding neighbor in Tanha (Anupam Kher) who lives with his pet cat Shezhadi. The love birds then find the going tough thanks to the ever doubting Preeti and part ways temporarily leaving her to face the brunt of honoring the commitment to pay the EMIs. Preeti’s colleague Parul (Parul Shah) suggests that she rents out a room to PG accommodation and that’s when Neha walks in to create the expected havoc.

The kind Neha wins the heart of Preeti in the beginning but as days progress the true side of a Schizophrenia patient gets out of control and that’s when life takes a complete U-turn for Preeti. The movie here is poised for an interesting twist but the twist that unfolds on screen are highly predictable which leaves a dampening effect on the viewers enthusiasm.

The thrill aspect is not in full flow once the film moves into the critical portions but there are scenes that are brilliant which are again far too less in comparison to the overall context. The ending of the movie again does not augur well for the genre the movie belongs to. Its high time the makers think something different that could keep the pulse of the audience racing even after the film gets over.

Tanushree Dutta has done a commendable job whereas Neetu Chandra sizzles in the skimpy night dress she flaunts. Anupam Kher with loads of experience and talent he possesses, the character given to him fails to throw up any challenge to him. Rohit Roy is fine but the logic of leaving behind his lady love with a Schizophrenic patient even for a day looks completely absurd.

Director Jagmohan Mundhra spoils the mood and has created a film that doesn’t belong to the top draw of the thriller genre.

“Apartment” highly predictable and hence ends up as a dud.

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