If you had to go by the title of the movie be rest assured that you will be fooled by it. The movie which has been split into  6 portions (Starting from the introduction through the four chapters and an end) is a pain to sit through and watch. Though this movie symbolizes few important things of life the overdose of sex and followed by some gruesome torture sequences make this “Antichrist” literally a B-grade porn flick.

The movie begins with the couple so busy in their sexual fantasies that they do not notice that their son tripping over the window and dies. The mother (Charlotte Gainsbourg) faints on the way to the funeral and she recuperates close to a month in the hospital.

He (Willem Dafoe), a therapist then takes her home and she hides her grief over the incident by involving in sex. He then decides that this is not going to help and her asks her to get exposed to the things she fears the most.

They then decide to go to Eden, the cabin which she is afraid of where she spent most of the time alone last summer. The natural surrounding of Eden slowly changes that in fact helps him understand his wife’s fear of nature. In the cabin he finds the materials used for her thesis study which are disturbing and at the same time her handwriting becomes illegible as the pages go on.

When he confronts her with the facts she attacks him and what follows are cruel acts of sex and torture. The movie actually intends in telling the world that women can also become evil.

“Antichrist” better to avoid than to undergo the cruelty on screen.

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