After the stupendous success of “Da Vinci Code” director Ron Howard has come up with his latest adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel “Angels And Demons” which to be very honest is an entertaining film provided you as a viewer has not gone through the best selling novel by the same name. The movie which has been suitably modified to suit the cinematic audience is interesting and at the same time absolutely fantastic in the computer graphics department. The lead actors and the supporting cast have put in their best effort in making this movie a huge success.

The movie begins with the making of an antimatter bomb which gets stolen by the bad guys to create panic amongst the cardinals at a time when the Pope had died and the cardinals join together to elect a new Pope. The organization which is behind the motive also manages to abduct four cardinals and they go about killing one after another cardinal during specific time intervals when the new Pope gets elected.

Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) the American Symbologist happens to be the only man who can solve the mystery is being brought to Vatican and that’s when all action begins to unravel on screen. In this edition Tom Hanks is accompanied by Vittoria Vera (Ayelet Zurer) who helps Hanks in translation and also majorly saves time in his investigation.

Vittoria happens to be the perfect foil for Langdon as they decipher the code words sent across by the bad guys and they put in their best effort to save the city from a major catastrophe waiting to happen.

Both Langdon and Vittoria decipher the code and reach the mentioned destinations thrice only to find out that they were late and in the fourth attempt they get to save the cardinal on time.

The movie which runs close to 2hrs 20 minutes is a very good viewing and special mention has to be given to the Screenplay writers and also to the cinematographer who has captured every single frame to perfection.

On the whole Angels And Demons is not a classic adaption of the novel but as a movie it scores better in terms of execution. Irrespective of whether you have read the novel or not this movie is worth the money.

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