Looks like a trend is setting with Tamil film directors wherein most part of their movie runs in flashback mode. Most of the recent releases have either the first half in flash back mode or a little more than that extending till the climax. Ayangran International’s latest film Angadi Theru (Market Street) also follows the trend and almost the entire movie runs on flashback. With a debutant hero the movie happens to be a high-risk proposition for the producers and when the screenplay is long and dragging the fate of this product in the box-office is a foregone conclusion.

The entire movie takes place on the busy Ranganathan street in Chennai and those who are familiar with Chennai will not find it hard to figure out which store the director intends to expose with a different name on screen. The owner’s name “Annachi” will further make it clear for those who were unable to figure out the actual name the Senthil Murugan Store parodies.

The two main characters in Jothilingam (Debutant Mahesh) and Kani (Anjali) work together in the store and as any typical love story would begin they are at loggerheads which gradually blossoms into romance. The hapless boys and girls are brought from interior regions of the state and are fatherless as they would abide by any nonsense happening around them.

The henchman of Annachi literally thrash the boys and girls working in the store at will and not to mention the sexual advances they make to the girls which in short makes the life a living hell for these hapless youngsters.  The scenes where they share the room to sleep and also in the mess to eat one really wonders if the facilities provided to can be so horrible. If it is that bad then something needs to be done to educate the store owners that their employees are also human beings.

The movie is not clear in the message it intends to deliver. It is not all about emotions or rather the scenes which are supposed to be emotionally captivating are poorly executed. If the director wants to convey a message that its all about self-confidence in life then here he has faltered big time as the audience who are looking for something new in every film will not agree to the sequences leading up to the climax.

The climax is pathetic and one expects better ideas to blossom amongst the directors else the verdict for any movie with conventional climax is going to be a big thumbs down. In terms of acting debutant Mahesh fails miserably in the role given to him. He acts without conviction and his expression in critical scenes fails to create the desired impact.

Heroine Anjali after a brilliant performance in “katradhu Tamil” has continued the good work in this movie also and has displayed tremendous potential in terms of acting. If she continues to act the same way one can be sure that she is set to create a mark for herself in Kollywood.

Music is handled by two music directors first G V Prakash Kumar after composing three songs walked out of the project citing the abnormal delay in the making following which Vijay Antony walked in to complete the remaining songs and also the background score. The music nor the songs produce the desired feel for the film.

The major spoiler however is the screenplay which is meaningless and at the same time feels like never-ending. After the poor outing of “Sarvam” and “Villu” Ayangran films would have thought that “Angadi Theru” will reap rich dividends in the box-office which seems unlikely to happen.

The movie is a bold attempt with a debutant hero and a relatively new heroine. The storyline is something that has not been tried before. But the porblem lies in the way the plot unfolds. It is like showing how a concentration camp operates which could have been avoided. In the end when the lead pair is chased out of their jobs and are on the streets selling hairpins and clips there is already a sympathy created on them. The director however wants to create more sympathy which is unwarranted for. If one has to be self-confident it necessarily does not mean that they will have to sacrifice or lose something great. Self-confidence is all in the mind and if the wrong notion that it will come only for the physically challenged individuals still remains with the story writers or directors then Its high time Tamil film makers come out of this vicious circle of meaningless actions and sympathies in their movies.

Tamil Cinema definitely needs more meaningful films but at the same time it needs to be made in such a way that it does not create any negative vibes amongst the audience.

“Angadi Theru” a sick shopping experience.


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