Director Naga who made a mark for himself in small screen with the 56 week thriller tele-serial “Marmadhesam” has ventured into feature film arena. The glitch however is that Naga has treated the tele-serial audience and feature film audience on the same platform which has backfired badly in his debut film “Ananthapurathu Veedu”. The movie is a low-budget film produced by Shankar under his S Pictures banner with a host of less popular technicians. The end product however does not stand up to meet the expectations of the audience.

The opening scene of the film does jolt you a bit but the important thing is that the entire movie is sans the cheap and so called thrilling sound effects. Director Naga has painstakingly visualized all sequences much before the actual shot was taken. The screenplay however lacks the required punch and the feel of watching a T.V Serial on screen cannot be avoided.

The computer graphics are amateurish so is the acting of the Hero Nandha. Chaya Singh who after a long hiatus in Kollywood has taken a role which had lots of scope to perform but unfortunately the actress has not grabbed the chance properly. The story is quite evident from the title that the sequences will be built around a house in a village which will be haunted. The guess is right but not completely true. There are twists in the tale which kind of kindles the interest of the audience but that interest is not been sustained throughout.

The story is about Bala (Nandha) a businessman in Chennai who loses his parents in a car accident when he was young coming to visit his ancestral home with his wife Revathy (Chaya Singh) and son Anand (Master Aryan) after a gap of 15 years. Anand is a dumb child and he is being well taken care by his parents. Revathy in the first couple of days senses that there is something wrong in the house and wants to return back to Chennai. Circumstances would have it that Bala is forced to stay in the house in spite of him knowing that the house is haunted.

The cinematic style narration goes for a toss in the subsequent scenes and the computer graphics which are envisaged to enthrall the audience turns out to be subject of comedy. In the end there is some solace for the viewers with a cinematic finish to an otherwise dull story.

Music by Ramesh Khanna and Editing by Kishore sinks the movie further. Much was expected from Naga but it is quite unfortunate to note that he hasn’t hit the bulls eye in his directorial debut. The movie which has a running time of 140 minutes is painstakingly slow and it hardly provides any thrill that one would expect from a movie belonging to the thriller genre.

After the disaster of “Rettaisuzhi” producer Shankar was hoping for a better result with this movie which is unlikely to happen.

“Ananthapurathu Veedu” another dud from S Pictures.


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