Amelia Earhart is a name that created a revolution in aviation history. It is this lady who had started a new era in women aspiring to become pilots. In the year 1937 when she was on a mission to circle the planet which eventually was not successful and she along with her navigator Fred Noonan vanished somewhere over the pacific ocean on 2nd July. Though her disappearance is still a mystery as the aircraft Electra was never to be found. Mira Nair after her critically acclaimed Monsoon Wedding and Vanity Fair decided to make this historic movie based on the books “East to the dawn” by Susan Butler & “The sound of wings” by Mary S Lovell and ably supported by Ronald Bass and Anna Hamilton Phelan who were in charge of the screenplay.

Amelia Earhart (Hilary Swank) discovers the thrill of aviation at the age of 23 when she with the support of George Putnam (Richard Gere) a publishing giant by profession. George after building her into a national treasure decides to marry Amelia despite her stubborn attitude to things. The movie takes us through the successful journey of Amelia from her first flight as a passenger across the Atlantic to her maiden flight as a pilot across the same ocean.

The thrill of success pushes Amelia’s desire to fly around the globe for which Amelia and George together put in lot of hard work and also in the midst of all these she creates a women’s flying club. The scenes in which she takes The First Lady on a flight journey and the expressions shown by her are so natural that one could feel the excitement upfront.

The movie not only captures Amelia’s glory but also her failures along with her supposed affair with military hero Gene Vidal (Ewan McGregor). Hilary Swank has brought in the tomboy look that the original Amelia had to perfection which has been complimented by her body language and the ease at which she handles the machines that would take her to air.

Fred Noonan (Christopher Eccleston) as her navigator during her flight across the world has done a decent job comparing the scope that he had in his role. The breathtaking visuals shot by cinematographer Stuart Dryburgh is in a league of its own. Hilary Swank would have fallen too much in love with the role and knowing its importance is also one of the executive producers of the film.

Mira Nair has brought to light the life of an enthusiastic woman pilot who at the age of 39 decided to circumnavigate the globe, a decision which eventually catapults her into aviation history. The U.S government though had launched the largest rescue mission in history to trace the remains of the historic aircraft which eventually was not found and that led to generations being intrigued.

If you have the patience and eagerness to know about a significant event in aviation history then “Amelia” is truly a rare gem in the ocean.

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