“All About Steve” is a movie that will interest if you have some free time to sit and relax a comedy over a popcorn and a snack at home. This movie has Sandra Bullock playing the female lead and at the same time she also happens to be the producer of it. The movie could be quoted as a perfect example of how a stalker will behave but nevertheless this stalker happens to be a harmless one and hence no major complications in it.

Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock) writes crossword puzzles for a local newspaper called Sacramento Herald. She is so involved in her job that she does not take any time out for her personal life. As life rolls on for Mary she visits a school to address the kids on career day and where she is made fun of by the children. Frustrated by this Mary comes home and agrees to go on a blind date which her parents had set-up with CCN TV cameraman Steve (Bradley Cooper).

During the date Mary goes overboard which amuses Steve and he indirectly avoids her citing professional emergency. Mary does a clumsy puzzle on Steve which ends up in losing her job. Mary then decides to meet up with Steve during his work and she travels to his place of work only to find out that he has been on constant travel to cover some important news material.

Steve who has for company his friend and aspiring anchorman Hartman (Thomas Haden Church) and Angus (Ken Jeong) go about their jobs when all of a sudden Mary lands up quite to the disbelief of Steve. Mary befriends Hartman who pushes her on to be with Steve as much as possible. Mary in her pursuit of Steve befriends Elizabeth (Katy Mixon) and Howard (DJ Qualls) who get to find themselves in the news.

Mary then herself becomes the breaking news for which Steve feels that he is responsible and whether he saves her from the danger she is in and whether they fall in love together is the rest of “All About Steve”.

Sandra Bullock probably identified herself with the character of Mary too much that she had taken up the additional mantle of being the producer and not to mention her natural acting that succeeds in creating a sympathy towards the character. Bradley Cooper and Thomas Haden Church as best buddies in work have a fine chemistry between them and the same can be said of the other characters in the way they sync with the main plot. Writer Kim Barker and director Phil Traill have combined together to provide this stalking comedy.

“All About Steve” worth watching on a weekend when you have nothing else to do.

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